Stationary Compactors | Dry Waste

Stationary Compactors

Stationary compactors are available in a variety of configurations and sizes. They are ideal for dry-waste management. This equipment is widely used in warehouses, manufacturing centers, and retail outlets. Stationary compactors make sense for any business where overflowing dumpsters need to be emptied more than once per week. For example implementations, see the gallery below.



    A compactor can provide a 5:1 compaction ratio, which means the overall trash volume can be reduced by up to 80%. A 40 cubic yard container of compacted waste would need to be emptied 1/5th as often as an open-top container of equal size.


    When properly installed, compactors eliminate the need to flatten waste and carry it to an outside container. A stationary compactor also prevents unauthorized disposal of material by others.


    A compactor helps prevent unsightly debris caused by wind-blown trash and spillage, keeping your worksite clean.


    Self-contained compactors, when properly installed, limit exposure to hazards such as pilferage, spills, and injuries resulting from the former.